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Bill's albums are going fast.
VERY hard to find original releases in near mint condition.
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Dudley's Records
Vintage Vinyl

Now open and selling hundreds of vinyl on the original labels in pristine condition 

Dudley's Records opened its doors in 1980 in Portland Oregon, and in the beginning Dudley's Records expanded to 6 stores in the Portland area. In 1999 Dudley moved to Los Angeles, and has spent 17 years hosting music shows on 94.7 The WAVE. in 2016, Dudley along with his great friends Mike, Mark, Barry and Jesse began planning for the re-opening of a new store in the South Bay. Dudley's Records opened its doors on Friday the 13th of October 2017 with a vast collection of original pristine vinyl from the golden days of his original store, along with the latest selections from the top of the charts, memorabilia, record players, t-shirts, CDs, Cassettes, and so much more. Dudley is eager to grow his music collection and wants to buy your records. If you have some to sell, or have any questions, contact us!


Look who came by today

Passing of the Torch

Dudley’s Records: Spinning vintage vinyl in Torrance


Dud's Doodles



November 18, 2017

   If you haven't noticed, your old phonograph records from the 1960's thru 1980's are making a huge comeback. We now call it "Vintage Vinyl". It was 1999 when I left Portland, Oregon after close to 20 years of opening and operating my first of 6 successful record stores in that lovely city.

  On Friday The 13th of October, I opened store # 7, at 4633 Torrance Blvd (at Anza) in Torrance.  I wasn't sure how it would go, but 4 weeks later I have already sold close to 2,000 records from my own collection. The difference between my store and many others is that my personal collection is all in mint or near mint condition. The new store is a hit, with  young and old, male, female, and all generations. Much like the original location in Portland, we also feature posters, t-shirts, stickers, posters, neon clocks, highway signs, old license plates (in the Route 66 tradition), CD's, cassettes and other music related memorabilia. One of my friends commented, "It's like 1985 in here". She nailed it !  The store is becoming  a real old school neighborhood hangout. The younger people that come in have never seen anything like it. The older folks wax nostalgic of an earlier more peaceful time. 

  I was blessed with many very bright and talented employees in Portland who I am still in touch with today. That tradition continues as one of my early employees, Gordon Walker passed the torch of my 1980's store to 20 year old Jesse Chavez-Gallellah a short time ago at The Wave Sunday Brunch at Spaghettini in Seal Beach. The video is quite touching, and is posted on my store website www.dudleysrecord.com.

South Bay newspaper The Beach Reporter ran an excellent story on myself and the store the other day, and I also appeared on the "Born To Talk" TV/radio show hosted by Marsha Wietecha. Both links are below. Although my stock is primarily my own record collection, I am also looking for "Vintage Vinyl" that YOU may want to sell or donate to the store. I am looking for Rock, Jazz, Soul, and 80's New Wave vinyl.You may contact me at (831)-228-3170 from 11am-6pm Mon-Sat. Thanks to some hard work by my pal Barry Funkhouser, the last 7 digits (228-3170) are the same ones that I had at the original store in downtown Portland for almost 20 years.  Come see us with your old record collection. It may be worth something.



Author Brian Clune To Appear At Sandpiper Books In Torrance

October 12, 2017

Author Brian Clune will appear at Sandpiper Books in his hometown of Torrance this Friday night at 6pm, (Friday The 13th), for a unique book signing.

His latest effort, Hollywood Obscure zooms in for a closer look at 12 fascinating stories containing famous Hollywood murders, and the bizarre paranormal activity that followed. Over 80 years of real Hollywood mysteries are covered dating back to the 1930’s including actresses Thelma Todd, the iconic (yet tragic) Marilyn Monroe, TV’s “Superman” George Reeves, Natalie Wood, John  Belushi, Tupac Shakur, and Biggie Smalls.

The spirit world is not a new subject for the author, as he has also given us the memorable, Ghosts Of The Queen Mary, and Haunted San Pedro. Sandpiper Books is truly one of the very best bookstores in Southern California featuring both new and “gently used” classic literature of all genres.

Sandpiper’s owner and manager Tish Gamez is not only a hard working devotee to “the art of the ink,” she is my favorite neighbor, as my brand new record store is also opening this Friday just a few doors down. Visit Sandpiper Books and Dudley’s Vintage Vinyl this Friday The 13th for both a haunting and memorable experience.

A great night of Rock and Roll ....  and neurosis

November 11, 2017

Dudley recently saw Morrissey & Billy Idol at the Hollywood Bowl.


4633 Torrance Blvd. 
Torrance, CA 90503
(831) 228-3170


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